3D-printing for FairPhone @ Lowlands

How to get a festival crowd into fair products and recycling? Get them to melt their empty plastic beer glasses and 3D-print phone covers with the material.

FairPhone wants to make the first fair phone in the world. An important goal for this company is to create awareness about e-waste and recycling of user goods such as mobile phones. As a part of this awareness campaign, I went to Lowlands 2012 for FairPhone.

Together with students from the TU Delft, we formed a real life production line: visitors could hand in their empty beer glass, which was melted and then transformed in a phone cover by a 3D-printer. With the concept, we got a lot of attention from both party-goers as the media.

Check out this item by the Dutch program Vroege Vogels about the FairPhone at Lowlands.